6 Spiders Bioblitz 2017

Spiders found and identified at Ohio Court (Landcare property) by Robert Whyte, with assistance by Jeremy Wilson, Liam Bromley and Tim Heller

Family Salticidae.New species of  Prostheclina. Photo Robert Whyte

Family Salticidae.New species. Photo Robert Whyte














  • New species of Rounded Silver Orb weaver Family Tetragnathidae Mesida, Meta, Nanometa or another or new genus sp. nov. FEMALE several specimens collected
  • New species. Common (but undescribed?) northern Jotus. Family Salticidae Jotus sp. nov. aff minutus (but not minutus) body length 3.1 mm MALE
  • New species and new genus. Family Theridiidae.  Small Green Rainforest Theridion.
  • New species. Family Thomisidae. Lehtinelagia sp. nov. (juditrolandae). Judith Roland’s Crab Spider
  • Prostheclina sp.? Juvenile. Family Salticidae
  • Family Araneidae, small male adult Araneus albotriangulus group plus a small female, perhaps juvenile. White or Yellow Triangle Orb Weaver
  • Family Corinnidae Leichhardteus albofasciatus.  White lined Leichhardt’s Swift Spider
  • Pisauridae juveniles, very common about 10 specimens taken
  • Theridiidae Ariamnes sp.
  • Theridiidae sp. in the Theridion pyramidale cluster.Common garden Theridiid

Other spiders

  • Dolomedes: a species of fishing spider .Photo Sheena Gillman

    Dolomedes: a species of fishing spider .Photo Sheena Gillman

    St Andrews Cross Spider Argiope keyserlingi (id. Darryl Jones) Thunderbird Park

  • Dolomedes sp: a species of fishing spider photographed previously but not yet formerly described and named. Robert Raven will be putblishing a monograph on this species in December. id Sheena Gillman, confirmed by  Robert Whyte
  • Whip spider Ariammes sp., at night, Skywalk. id Ronda Green



Spider seen at night,Skywalk

Spider seen at night, Skywalk