2 Mammals Reptiles Frogs Bioblitz 2017



  • Long-nosed bandicoot, Thunderbird Park

    Northern brown bandicoot, Thunderbird Park

    Northern brown bandicoot  (Isoodon macrourus)- 1 caught in trap near Camp Thunderbird, Thunderbird Park, (another seen on video caught by motion-sensing camera which may have been a northern brown).

  • Red-necked pademelon (Thylogale thetis), Skywalk
  • Common brush-tailed possum  (Trichosurus vulpecula), detected by motion-sensing camera at night, Skywalk, and during nocturnal walk at Thunderbird Park led by Darryl Jones
  • Eastern grey kangaroo seen during walk at Thunderbird Park led by Darryl Jones
  • Koala seen by Keith McCosh and Rob McCormick in rainforest at the Witches Falls section of Tamborine National Park, and sc ratchmarks seen in sclerophyll forest during walk at Thunderbird Park led by Darryl Jones


  • Fawn-footed  Melomys


    Fawn-footed melomys (Melomys cervinipes) – 3 caught in Elliot traps and 1 or 2 detected by motion-sensing cameras at night.  All at Skywalk, near entry



  • Calls analysed by Green Tape Solutions
    Chalinolobus morio Chocolate wattled bat
    Falsistrellus tasmaniensis Eastern false pipistrelle
    Kerivoula papuensis Golden-tipped bat
    Miniopterus australis Little bent-wing bat
    Mormopterus ridei Free-tail bat
    Nyctophilus sp. Long-eared bat
    Rhinolophus megaphyllus Eastern horseshoe bat
    Scoteana rueppelli Greater broad-nosed bat
    Scotorepens sp? Broad-nosed bat
    Vespadelus troughtoni? Eastern cave bat


Birds –  click here for birds



Very few reptiles were seen, presumably because of the weather.


  • Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko Saltuarius sp.  (id Isaac Llewelyn-Davies) Skywalk
  • Ctenotus taeniatus (?) (id Sheena Gillman) Thunderbird Park
  • Saproscincus sp (id Keith McCosh) Shade Skink, Witches Falls
  • Lampropholis delicata Delicate Skink (id Asher Nicholls)  Siganto Street, about 10km south of Skywalk
  • Bellatorias frerei. Major Skink (id Asher Nicholls)  Siganto Street
  • Cacophis kreftii Dwarf Crowned Snake (id Asher Nicholls)  Siganto Street
Leaf-tailed Gecko Skywalk

Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko Skywalk: photo Darren Green



Dwarf Crowned Snake Cacophis kreftii. (id Asher Nicholls)  Siganto Street



The weather seemed to suit the frogs very well, and several species were recorded. We were however unable toast the pitfall traps for fear of animals drowning if the rain continued overnight (which it did).

Tree frogs

  • Litoria caerulea Green tree frog (id Ken Cowell, Floss Wainwright) Bearded Dragon Hotel
  • Litoria dentata Bleating tree frog,  (id Sheena Gillman), between Bearded Dragon and Thunderbird Park
  • Litoria pearsoniana Cascade trefrog (id Isaac Llewelyn-Davies) Skywalk
  • Litoria peronii Emerald-spotted treefrog, Bearded Dragon
  • Litoria gracilenta Graceful tree frog (id Ronda Green and Chris Burwell),  Skywalk and Landcare property at end of Hartley Rd.
  • Litoria chloris Orange-eyed treefrog (id Isaac Llewelyn-Davies) Skywalk
  • Litoria fallax Eastern sedge frog (heard – id Ronda Green) Thunderbird Park and (id Asher Nicholls)  Siganto Street 
  • Litoria rubella Red (or naked) treefrog, between Bearded Dragon and Thunderbird Park
  • Litoria wilcoxii Stony creek frog, between Bearded Dragon and Thunderbird Park


Other frogs 

  • Adelotus brevis Tusked frog, (id Andrew Franks) Ohia Court 
  • Mixophyes fasciolatus Great barred frog (id Ronda Green) Skywalk


Other amphibians

One cane toad Rhinella marina (introduced),The Knoll, dead