Glider workshop coming soon

Join us for a FREE glider workshop in Beaudesert, Saturday 28th February

Meet gliders, glider experts, citizen science volunteers and a children’s author.

Free entry. Morning and afternoon teas and children’s activities provided. Choice of several good lunch venues nearby.

Would you like to be involved in searches for our native animals?  Or just find out what we’re doing, and learn about some of the wonderful creatures we share our region with?

Wildlife conservation is not simple.For proper management plans we need information on the distribution of species, their ecological needs (food throughout the seasons, shelter etc.), and their movements (daily, seasonal and otherwise)

The Scenic Rim has five of Australia’s six species of gliders. To ensure their survival into the future we need to know where they are, what they need, and how well their needs are provided for.  Our attention was drawn to the need for more information, especially on the squirrel glider, in the Scenic Rim. Accordingly we have been conducting surveys with Scenic Rim Wildlife members and other volunteers throughout 2014 and will continue throughout 2015.

Gliders are not always easy to see, and it would be great to have more volunteers joining our searches, or to report sightings on their own properties and elsewhere.

posterGliderWorkshop2015 (download pdf)


About The Scenic Bristle Bird

This is the Scenic Rim branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland. One of the founders, Judith Wright, lived-in the Scenic Rim for about two decades, and we hope would be pleased that there is now an active Scenic Rim branch. Our activities to date have included various meetings and outings, workshops, talks to schools and other groups, displays and various functions, surveys of gliders in the Scenic Rim and a Bioblitxz. We encourage all ages to get involved.The bristle bird is our symbol as it is a critically endangered species with major strongholds inner region, and we have helped to raise money towards a captive-breeingand release program.

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