50th Anniversary celebration in the Scenic Rim

Christine Purtie

2012 is the 50th Anniversary of Wildlife Queensland, and we had good reason to celebrate  here in the Scenic Rim, where co-founder, president and patron Judith Wright lived for many years (on Tamborine Mountains) and wrote many of her poems, and where the early WPSQ Spring Schools were held (at Binna Burra, on the edge of Lamington National Park). I flew up from Adelaide to attend one of these Schools in the late 60’s, and felt very privileged to be able to walk and talk with Judith (whose poems had been amongst my favourites amongst those I had studied at school) on the rainforest tracks.

Our major local celebration this year was the Wild Talent evening 22nd September,  featuring Judith Wright’s life and poetry, and wildlife-related poetry and artwork by some of our talented local residents at the Centre, Beaudesert.

Sara Bruxner and Brett Dionysius

Our club poet Brett Dionisyus recited several of his own poems as well as several by Judith Wright, and he and Ronda both spoke briefly of Judith’s life in the Scenic Rim

Sara Bruxner attended, and several of her poems were read out by Darren and Ronda Green. Darren and Ronda also read poems by Susan Savage, who unfortunately was unable to attend in person, and presented a recorded song by Ronda (written as a teenager) about wildlife and conservation.

See https://branches.wildlife.org.au/scenicrim/poems.html for some poems by Brett and Sara.

Joy Drescher, Cristine Purtie and Sandra Rose displayed some of their artwork, and we also showed photos by Darren Brown who was also unable to attend.

Joy Drescher

We enjoyed drinks and nibbles including a celebratory chocolate mud cake.

Altogether a very enjoyable and varied evening.

About The Scenic Bristle Bird

This is the Scenic Rim branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland. One of the founders, Judith Wright, lived-in the Scenic Rim for about two decades, and we hope would be pleased that there is now an active Scenic Rim branch. Our activities to date have included various meetings and outings, workshops, talks to schools and other groups, displays and various functions, surveys of gliders in the Scenic Rim and a Bioblitxz. We encourage all ages to get involved.The bristle bird is our symbol as it is a critically endangered species with major strongholds inner region, and we have helped to raise money towards a captive-breeingand release program.

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