Wildlife Corridor Plans

Update 11 March 2020


Plans for the corridor project are to:very approximate corridor routes

  • Continue to find properties along the corridor routes where landowners are willing to have appropriate trees, shrubs and other plants established, with guards or fencing where needed to separate plantings from livestock grazing (supple fro our gran)
  • Continue to seek volunteers to assist with plantings and surveys. This will be via social media, flyers, and displays at public events
  • Attempt to fill in gaps in the proposed corridors involving either private land or roadsides along quiet, council-owned roads.
  • Begin plantings by the end of March, continue until May or possibly early June if weather is suitable, an re-commence in September
  • Begin surveys by active searches and motion sensing cameras in the hubs in Autumn 2020. See¬†https://scenicrim.wildlife.org.au/projects/wildlife-corridors-for-the-scenic-rim/wildlife-corridor-plans/animals-survey-for-corridors/
  • Cost out ways of protecting young trees and other plants from grazing (tree guards, fencing). ¬†Bamboo poles can be supplied from the chair’s property for stakes from which to suspend protective guards.
  • Arrange for nesting box purchase or construction for selected localities with young eucalypts but lacking mature trees with hollows.