National Bilby Day in the Scenic Rim

This event was cancelled due to no one. showing up except the organisers (Ronda and Darren Green). We plan to try again in 2017



Sunday 10th September, Beaudesert


The lesser bilby is already extinct and the greater bilby highly endangered.

These endearing animals are being given a chance at Currawinya National Park in southwest Queensland. The day of the first release of captive-red animals  into 25 square kilometre  cat-proof, fox-proof, rabbit-proof enclosure is now celebrated on the second Sunday of September each year.

For. those of you who can’t make it to Charleville (where the main illy-breeding centre is) we are holding a National Bilby Day in Beaudesert from 12.30 to 4.30pm on the 10th of September at the Visitor Information Centre Enterprise Drive Beaudesert.

All ages welcome at this free event

And please visit