Scenic Rim Wildlife Ecology Centre Preview 27/4/24

1770 Running Creek Rd, Running Creek (via Rathdowney or Innisplain – or Lions Rd if coming from NSW)

2.00-5.00pm Saturday 27 April

This event is part of the Queensland Conservation Council’s Protect Beautiful Queensland week 20-28 April, which in turn is part of a campaign to double the amount of land under Protected Areas in Queensland by 2030. Queensland harbours a high diversity of wildlife an d habitats but is running behind other states in protecting the areas their future depends on.

The Scenic Rim Wildlife Centre is being developed by Ronda, Denis and Darren Green of Araucaria Ecotours on their property in Running Creek valley.

Ronda is chair of the Scenic Rim branch of Wildlife Queensland, and Darren is also on the committee.


The Centre is designed to portray:

  • what is so special about the Scenic Rim,
  • how it came to be that way over 500 million years of geological and biological history,
  • the wonderful diversity of species and habitats,
  • the fascinating behaviour and ecology of some of our special creatures,
  • species that are restricted to the Qld/NSW border area,
  • some of the conservation issues and what is being done about them,
  • some of the past and on-going research into it all,
  • plus ideas for future research into yet-unanswered questions

It will also be presenting information on biodiversity in general, the science of ecology, and conservation issues that visitors can think about in relation to their own home regions. Information is being presented at several levels of information for specialists, general public and children, catering to  international and domestic tourists and to local schools and  the local population generally.

time trail

Wildlife of the past


Remember this is a work-in-progress. It still has a long way to go, but guests are welcome to a sneak preview on the afternoon of Saturday 27 April.

Please phone or SMS Ronda on 0447077725 so we know how many to expect. If there are too many to take into the Centre all at once, guests are welcome to take a walk to the creek on the property and/or have a picnic on the verandah, by the creek, or at the Andrew Drynan Reserve just around the corner.

The event is free, but if you’d like to plant a wildlife-friendly tree we’re very happy for you to do so.


Front gate, Araucaria, 1770 Running Creek Rd

Front gate, Araucaria, 1770 Running Creek Rd (note: the trees have grown a bit since this photo was taken)