Wildlife Expo Scenic Rim 2022

Wildlife Expo, Boonah

Saturday 27th August 2022 

60th anniversary WPSQ See below for schedule of talks

Glossy Black Cockatoo

Glossy black cockatoo feeding on sheoak fruits. One of the rarest of our cockatoos but still doing well in several parts of the Scenic Rim

The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (now usually just called Wildlife Queensland) is 60 years old this year. One of its founders, the poet and conservationist Judith Wright (who our federal electorate is named after), lived in the Scenic Rim for two decades, and the Scenic Rim has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in Australia. Hence the Scenic Rim branch is celebrating the 60 years from 9.00am to 4.00pm on Saturday 27th August with a WILDLIFE EXPO. This event will be held at the Outlook, just north of Boonah.

Entry will be free but please register at:


All ages very welcome!



Squirrel glider showing the very bushy tail: from a previous Geckos display

Squirrel glider showing the very bushy tail: from a previous Geckos display.

  • Wildlife of the Scenic Rim: an overview of local mammals, birds and other wildlife 
  • Wildlife Corridors project in the Scenic Rim
  • History of WPSQ and of Scenic Rim WPSQ
  • Koala conservation
  • Brushed-tailed Rock-wallaby Conservation Network
  • Glider research
  • Quoll research
  • Bats
  • Landcare in the Scenic Rim
  • Land for Wildlife in the Scenic Rim
  • Caring for orphaned and injured wildlife
  • Native plant nurseries
  • Sustainable Wildlife Tourism
  • Sustainable population in Australia
  • Threatened species of the Scenic Rim
  • Local conservation issues



Martin introducing a bettong to the crowd at a wildlife workshop in Beaudesert

  • 9.30am Brief history and poetry of Judith Wright, a co-founder of Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland who lived in the Scenic Rim for two decades. Ronda Green (chair WPSQ Scenic Rim)
  • 9.45am An Overview of the Wildlife of the Scenic Rim. Ronda Green
  • 10.15am Brush-tailed rock-wallabies (by Hannah Thomas, presented by Karin Cox)
  • 10.30am The Logan Koala Project, and Koala-detection dogs. Ryan Lawrie
  • 10.45am Caring for wildlife. Tara Hunter, WildCare.
  • 11.00am Meet our wildlife.  Martin Fingland (Gecko’s Wildlife) will be bringing animals native to the Scenic Rim for us to meet
  • 12.00noon Sustainable population for Australia. Simon Cole
  • 12.15pm Citizen science research on  koalas. Carney Matheson, Griffith University
  • 12.30pm Meet our wildlife. As for 11.00am
  • 1.30pm  Land for Wildlife in the Scenic Rim. Catherine Madden, Land For Wildlife.
  • 2.00pm The Logan Koala Project, and Koala-detection dogs. Ryan Lawrie.
  • 2.15pm Flying foxes, our night time gardeners and just how imo
    portant they are to all of us. Joanie Lewis,  Bats Queensland.
  • 2.30pm Private enterprise facilities in National Parks: can it compromise wilderness experience and wildlife conservation? Sonya Underdahl, postgrad student studying ecotourism in Protected Areas




  • How to sketch wildlife. Learn some quick and easy ways for drawing
    kangaroos, koalas and other wildlife, and how to record details for
  • Arts and crafts with native plants
  • Wildlife puzzle trail – fun for families
  • Koala-related activities



Food and drink

Pizzas, donuts, churros, coffee, cold drinks, other food and drink available at the venue

Brush-tailed rock wallaby a vulnerable species of wallaby that lives on some of the mountains of the Scenic Rim

Brush-tailed rock wallaby: a threatened species inhabiting some of our mountainous regions

If you stay till late afternoon you'll probably see a few Eastern Grey Kangaroos coming out to graze

If you stay till late afternoon you’ll probably see a few Eastern Grey Kangaroos coming out of the forest to graze on the lawns. We found koala scats and scratches at the venue last week, so with luck we may be able to see one on the day.KoalaMtBarneyMini