Making Your Scenic Rim Business Wildlife-Friendly

Two FREE workshops:

  • The Centre, Beaudesert, 2.00-5.00pm Saturday 11 May
  • Carinity Community Centre, Boonah 2.00-5.00pm Sunday 19 May

A great way to show your business is one that cares enough about the environment to be always learning more about how you can assist the wonderful array of wildlife we have here in the Scenic Rim.

Or to show us what you’re already doing or just swap ideas.

Our part of Australia is one of the richest in terms of species and habitat types, enhancing the delights of living here and also attracting nature-loving tourists .

No matter what your business, there are ways of making it more wildlife-friendly, either directly such as planting native shrubs (and the right kinds in the right places) on your premises, or indirectly such as choice of products used (whether food ingredients, building materials or pest control).

A few years ago, Mayor Greg Christensen signed an agreement with Ecotourism Australia to work towards the Scenic Rim becoming certified as an eco-destination for tourism, and being globally recognised as such.  This includes encouraging local businesses of all kinds, not just tourism ones, to adopt environmentally friendly practices (or show what is already being done), but the project seems to be going a little slower than planned. Whether or not we are still working towards such certification, as threats to our fauna and flora are ever-increasing, it would be highly valuable to exchange knowledge and ideas sooner rather than later on this most complex of environmental impacts.

Ecotourism Australia now provides a service for all tour businesses, whether or not they actually fit into the definition of ecotourism, in the form of a sustainability scorecard with a personalised assessment and recommendations, which many business are finding useful:

For these workshops, we welcome folk from all kinds of businesses in the Scenic Rim – tour providers, cattle-farmers, orchardists, shop-owners, accommodation providers, manufacturers … everyone! – to come along, present your ideas and hear those of others.

Not currently running a business but interested in joining the discussion and sharing ideas?  You’re still very welcome!

We will also soon be starting a series of short educational webinars on our local wildlife, especially directed at local businesses (accommodation, restaurants, service stations, craft shops etc.) likely to be in a position to pass on knowledge and suggestions to visitors coming for the Olympics and exploring the region  – stay tuned.


RSVP  by 9th May for the first workshop and 17th May for the second, so we can estimate numbers.